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Creating Wills and Estate Plans Tailored to Your Needs

Most of us are aware of the need to create and sign a current last will and testament, but too often we put it off or leave it for another day. Sometimes that day never comes. If a person living in New York State dies without a will, it is referred to as dying intestate, and New York intestacy laws will dictate who inherits your assets. For example, if a New York resident dies intestate and is survived by a spouse and children, the surviving spouse inherits the first $50,000 of the deceased’s probate estate and one-half of the remaining balance, and the children share the other half. For many families, this is not the desired result.

Having a signed will ensures that your assets pass to your loved ones in the manner you have selected. For many wealthy people, a will can also help minimize the impact of federal and New York State estate taxes. A well-constructed will, when combined with additional estate planning tools such as trusts, a health care proxy and a comprehensive durable power of attorney, helps avoid having your loved ones deal with difficult and emotional decisions in times of stress, and may even avoid having to deal with the courts.

Your life, the people in it, and estate tax laws are constantly in flux. If you have a will that was drafted five or more years ago, it is a good idea to have a knowledgeable estate planning attorney review it to ensure that it still accomplishes your goals.

At the law office of Joseph H. Gruner, P.C., in Tarrytown, New York, I guide and help my clients in the creation of wills and a comprehensive estate plan. I do this by devoting significant time and attention to each client’s needs. When you work with my law firm, you can take heart knowing that I will listen closely to you in order to learn about your specific financial and family situations, your concerns and your goals.

An Experienced Lawyer Who Welcomes Clients From all Walks of Life

I have practiced law since 1974, and have always enjoyed working with a diverse group of clients in the greater metropolitan New York City area, including the five boroughs, Westchester County, Nassau County, and beyond. My extensive experience in preparing many different estate plans, and handling numerous estate administration and estate litigation issues, together with my significant experience in the purchase and sale of commercial and residential real estate, and the purchase and sale of family businesses, provide me with the background that is necessary to address important estate planning issues for everyone.

I also have extensive experience resolving disputes concerning the validity of a will, claims of misrepresentation, undue influence, and lack of testamentary capacity, contested accountings, and other matters litigated in the Surrogate’s Courts.